Tokyo Todo

Japan is fun. Planning ahead will help you get the most out of the trip. If you are going shopping for clothes try to figure out what your style is. Japanese have a store for everything, for every interest, for every fetish. Study up on what you want. Find stores to visit. And plot them so you can visit and see it all.

Visiting each town can often take up your entire day. Food is pretty easy to come by. There is nothing wrong with drinking soft drinks from vending machines or eating from a Lawson/AMPM/711.

This Tokyo Guide covers all the major parts of Tokyo.

Asakusa #1DAY

Visit the giant lantern. Eat a taiyaki (fish shaped pastry filled with sweet bean (anko). Throw a coin into the temple, clap your hands.

Akihabara #1DAY

Walk through Tokyo’s world famous electronics town. Lots to see.

Shibuya – #1+DAY(S)

Find the Starbucks across street from station where you can people watch. The Shibuya crossing is one of my strongest memories of Tokyo.

Visit a Depa-to. Department stores can be 3-9+ levels dedicated specifically to many types of fashion. Many depato is actually a collection of smaller stores within it.

My personal favorite’s for men are Takashimaya, Marui (OIOI), Isetan, but it’s hard to go wrong with any. The most famous one is Shibuya 109. Almost all major depato serve food, groceries, and gifts (omiyage) in the basement. Some of the best food stuff can be found here. (Ginza and nearby Omotesando are the hi-fashion capitals.)

If you like clothes shopping, then you could easily spend lots of time here. Before you travel, go to Japan Town. Kinokuniya sells japanese men’s fashion magazines (Stuff like LEON, Men’s Ex). That will get you caught up on what may be sold — showing the sales person a particular style will help you find the right stores.


Yamashiroya – This is an amazing toy store. They carry everything from domokun to ghibli. Nearly any sort of collectible can be found here. There is one in Ueno, right across the street from the train station.

Harajuku #1DAY

Street fashion. The streets are full of stalls selling street clothes. Everyone will dress up.

Shinjuku #DAY/NIGHT

Stay a night at the Park Hyatt Tokyo  – $$$$ ($4-600USD/nt) — but you get to live it up like Bob-san. Have a drink and dinner at the top of the hotel. There is an amazing restaurant with a killer cut of Kobe, and beautiful view. There is a really good dessert store. If you plan ahead you might be able to pull a reservation eating in the kitchen. (AMEX concierge can help here, too)

Odaiba #1DAY

Giant Ferris Wheel – There are lots of museums, and tourist attractions, you can also catch ferry/boat rides around.

Other places to visit:

Tokyo Sky Tree – the newest tower.
Tokyo-Edo museum – history of japan.

Other random things to do:

Roppongi! Go here with people who know the area. Have fun. But be careful.
Eat at a street fair – try: okonomiyaki, yakisoba noodles, corn, takoyaki
Visit a pill capsule hotel.
Ride the subway at night. Look out the window and try to spot the love hotels.
Notice the songs that play on the subway.
Eat fresh bread at a train station.
Karaoke bar with some new friends.
Wander the streets until trains stop running. End up catching a $100 taxi back to your hotel.
Order food from a vending machine restaurant. Pay outside. Bring in ticket. Pass to waiter. Hot food ready to eat is made for you.


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